Biomass systems

We offer design services for standardized biomass power plants and projects through partnerships with small-scale investors and industrial operators. This implies a choice of competitive technology solutions and tailor-made civil, electric and installation designs. We focus our interest on ORC processes and gasification of biomass.

The ORC technology is dedicated for industrial processes where a biomass is a technological waste and high amount of heat is required or for communal applications. This technology offers best efficiency in total energy production in relation to capex. Gasification technology assumes thermo-chemical biomass gasification process of solid biomass, which is cracked by thermal energy and a fumigator and converted into a product gas. The product gas is then cleaned and used for the production of heat and power e.g. by gas engines (biomass CHP). The main advantage of the biomass gasification technology is the high electric efficiency due to the power production with gas engines.

We offer:

and environmental procedures
Building permit designs
for biogas plants,
Executive solutions for civil works,
 energy and installation
 Owner's engineer
and construction supervision.