We specialize in turnkey design packages which means that we develop design works from early concept phase up to obtaining building permit or permit to use.

These packages are:

  • Planning, concept and basic engineering,
  • Building permit design,
  • Execution design.

We represent our investors towards public authorities and other parties involved to the project as an attorney. We concentrate on legal and administrative aspects of the procedures and therefore we consult our actions as well as control administration processes with recognised law company.  In every stage of the project we focus on technical aspects of the design offering our client tailor-made solutions in state-of-art technologies. We specialize in selected technologies for renewable energy  that implies involvement of various technical disciplines and specific concentration on industry standards. Most works we perform in-house and for outsources services we implement detailed co-ordination and supervision.

As an example, we develop our works in the following disciplines:

  • Architecture, land development and spatial planning,
  • Civil engineering,
  • Roads and infrastructure,
  • Energy and telecommunication,
  • Technology solutions for wind farms, photovoltaic installations, biogas plants, biomass and  co-firing systems