Design and engineering

We specialize in turnkey design packages which means that we develop design works from early concept phase up to obtaining building permit or permit to use.

These packages are:

Planning, concept and basic engineering

Building permit design

Execution design

We represent our investors towards public authorities and other parties involved to the project as an attorney. We pay special attention to the correctness and compliance with formal and legal requirements by implementing an internal processing procedure for design documentation.

In every stage of the project we focus on technical aspects of the design offering to our clients tailor-made solutions in state-of-art technologies.

We specialize in selected renewable energy technologies offering deep know-how of all engaged technical disciplines and following specific concentration on industry standards. Most works we perform in-house.

As an example, we develop our works in the following disciplines:

Energy and telecommunication

Architecture, land development and spatial planning

Roads and infrastructure

Civil engineering

Technology solutions for wind farms and photovoltaic installations

Construction management

Our Construction Management services assures a Client civil responsibility on the construction process, but what is more important delivers to the client an indispensable technical support of the project basing on deep practical experience.

We offer our works in the following fields of activity:

Owner’s Engineer

Construction Supervision

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Management

Our main task is to provide comprehensive advisory services for the Client as well as to ensure that the contractors are adhering sufficiently to the project specification.

The main services are Conceptual Design and Engineering, Planning and Feasibility Studies, Project Cost Estimates and Schedule Optimization, Contract Negotiation Assistance, Construction Management and Monitoring, Commissioning, Start-Up, and Testing.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is vital not only due to its basic function but also because of its additional value given to the economical parameters of the project. Proper quality procedures gives us a surety that further maintenance cost of the wind farm shall be limited. As the wind farm are considered purely ecological projects, special attitude is given also to the environmental aspect. We implement the proper QHSE standard by following of Polish and European Technical Norms as well as IEC Standards.

The main field of activities are organization of the construction field, technical planning of technological sequence of the works, direct supervision of the works, managing of the building log book, material control, accounting, safety, security and environment, quality assurance and control, planning and contract administration.

We are especially focused on planning, cost and progress control which is the main tool to stay within estimated time and budget. The attitude is to be real and realistic rather than unreal and optimistic.

A frequent update of project schedule gives us the possibility of early definition of the problem, implement of the proper countermeasures and define the critical path for the project. In every case the aim is to report to the client the real situation of the project which allows us to implement adequate further actions.


In every stage of the project client may need to control some technical feasibility. These analyses could be made in the planning stage in order to set up a further parameters of the project. In this stage we recommend going through numerous expert analyses and prepare concept design. In other cases client may require to rate an existing project.

The main consultancy services
we offer are:

PPA and CPA contracts consultancy

Technical due diligence

BoP and TSA tendering and contract negotiations

TCC and TCA contracts consultancy

Wind farm planning and


Cost calculations